Group Therapy


 “Move Your Mood” - The Power of Self Expression Movement Based Group for Children

  • What is it?
    • This program allows children from ages 5-9 to have the opportunity to work on developing self-esteem and their self-identity through movement. 
    • We utilize movement to facilitate and foster the growth for children’s creativity and imagination to help them manage their emotions such as anger and allow them to better communicate rather than through tantrums
    • The use of props such as scarves, kaleidoscopes, art supplies and music are incorporated into the program to aid in group engagement.

    What is this group’s purpose?

    • This program is meant to help children develop communication skills to help them express themselves on a non-verbal level if they have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.
    • Children will better understand themselves and gain self-confidence.
    • Children will learn how to manage their emotions and use creativity as a mode in which they can express themselves.
    • The group environment with other children offers group cohesion, connection and the ability to make new friends!
  • Who is the targeted audience?

    “Dialectical Behavior Therapy Graduate Group”

    This supportive therapy group is a safe place for women who have completed a course in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training and want to keep their skills fresh while experiencing the support of others building lives worth living. Group includes weekly mindfulness practice, skill review and discussion.

    “Expressive Therapy Group”

    This supportive therapy group is a safe place for women to explore and express their dreams, worries and hopes that come along while traveling down the path to womanhood. Through guided imagery, relaxation and the use of painting, making collages and writing, we will support each others process of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

    This group will help you:
    - Access your creative energy
    - Listen and respond to your body's signals
    - Develop healthy coping skills
    - Reduce burnout, stress and fear
    - Explore your role as a woman
    - Connect with other women